Sooner or later, each of us will have to deal with the issue of housing, whether it is buying or selling the property. This service is our main activity, which we have been professionally engaged in for several years. We always try to set the sales strategy in such a way that expectations are met and all parties involved are satisfied.

Real Estate

The right sales strategy, which includes other additional services, will save you time, money and health. In most cases, the purchase of new property is the main reason for selling the property. Purchase of property is a separate service, which is one of our frequently used services. We will save you time with inspections, and paperwork and we will provide you with expert advice on the chosen property.

Home staging is an integral part of our real estate business. When it comes to real estate, a highquality property presentation indeed sells, so this service together with a professional photographer is standard in our company. The first impression can only be made once, that is why we pay attention to every last detail. The goal of home staging is to highlight the pluses of the property and make it more attractive to potential buyers.



In the following photos, we will show you the property, whose sale has been arranged by our company. The „before photo" was taken on a mobile phone without proper preparation, and the „after photo" was taken by our professional photographer after home staging.

Since some properties are empty or vice versa, the preparation of home staging is always individual. In the process of home staging, it is important to follow the basic principles:

  • Thorough cleaning of the property
  • Removal of unnecessary and also personal items
  • Removal of minor defects (repair of blinds, plug repair, etc.)
  • Lighting the room, adjusting the lights
  • Colour integration (neutral colours)

Every property is unique, and that is what we try to point out. We try to convey a real emotion from the property directly to you through a photo or video. Quality photos and videos are the most powerful tools for real estate marketing. It is also a demonstration of professionalism, because we take care of the details.



We often meet with clients who have been affected by an unfortunate event that made their property uninhabitable or inherited the property in its original state.

For these cases, we come up with an individual solution. We provide real estate renovations for the purpose of sale with higher profit.

Reconstruction that is not carried out professionally and without supervision often turns into an exhausting, expensive and, above all, negative experience. During the reconstruction, we make sure the conditions are always respected. A correct time and financial estimate are very important for the stated service. The reconstruction of the apartment for the sale purpose itself can be exacting as it is affected by many factors that must be taken into account. Thanks to our experience and possibilities, we can guarantee a quality result to the satisfaction of both parties.

Legal Advice

As in any other industry, professional legal service is necessary for us. We will provide you with legal advice automatically if you use our services. You can also contact us if you are only interested in our legal advice. We will advise you or perform a contract analysis.


We also provide financial advice and loan mediation for our clients. Thanks to this, the entire process of selling/buying the property is under our control and we can meet the agreed deadlines.


Financial consulting

We will take care of all the requirements related to the credit and the preparation of documents for the bank for you. We provide case consultation free of charge as part of the service. We will also help you if you decide to use this service separately.

Valuation of property

People often have no idea about the value of their property. They compare their property with similar ones on the Internet, or they ask friends, which is not always the best solution. Each property is unique and therefore it is important to clarify the terms value vs. liquidity. We will help you value your property after a personal inspection and consultation, free of charge.



We bring you a service that will make it easier for you to find a property to buy. To join our internal database and use its benefit, just fill out the questionnaire. The questionnaire is for clients who are looking for or want to sell the property or both.

Database benefits

INTERNAL ADVERTISING – properties that you will not find on the Internet in a public offer.

PRIOR RIGHT – Before we advertise the property, we will contact our clients from the database, who will preferably have the first inspection.

SAVING TIME – Our clients will be regularly informed by email with property offers according to their criteria.


We are the Arbiz group

Each of us has long-term experience in various real estate and financial institutions. With all due respect to all companies on the market, we decided to do it our way. Each of us is a person who puts up with quality and has an eye for detail. We want to make good use of years of experience and show our creativity under our brand. Arbiz is a guaranteed quality standard and the satisfaction of clients is our priority.

Our goals

Ensuring the highest quality of provided services was and still is our priority. We emphasize promptness, exactness and objectivity. Nowadays, in most cases, the term real estate broker or financial advisor is perceived negatively. One of our goals is to change this perception and show that these services have a place in the market. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that the business between the client and our Arbiz company is not based on traumatic business practices, but on accurate numbers and explicit agreements.

Our values

Custom-made solutions to client need with an individual approach that guarantees client satisfaction and thus creates space for building a long-term business relationship. Our priority is also to offer above-standard services for all types of real estate, regardless of its classification. The system offered by the Arbiz brand saves clients costs and time in the long term when selling their real estate. Every property is unique and we will be happy to show you its uniqueness.